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About us

Since 2018, our team of highly skilled operators have been serving our clients and providing the highest quality in professional protective security and training services.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Keate Consulting Group offers the full spectrum of personal, organizational, and corporate protection services throughout the mid-Atlantic region, across the nation, and beyond.

Our Team is comprised of a diverse core group of accomplished, experienced, and conscientious former law enforcement and military personnel professionals who bring decades of insight, skills, and strengths to the private sector.

We are highly trained, insured, fully accredited, certified, and licensed under the state laws in the areas we operate. We serve individuals, small businesses, community groups, executives, institutions of higher education, global corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and more.


Keate Consulting Group brings a breadth and depth of real-world experience and understanding to your security needs – one that has been forged in years of service and is informed by the complex and ever-changing times in which we live.

Many of us are multicultural and bilingual, having served with some of the world’s top special forces around the world. All of us are culturally informed, community-conscious, and heavily trained in the latest threat dedication and mitigation and crisis resolution de-escalation techniques and strategies necessary to protect you and your business.

Our Team

Our selection process is rigorous and limited to only the most talented and experienced professionals from the military, law enforcement, and security-specific backgrounds. All of our team members undergo stringent background checks, multiple accreditation courses, and ongoing specialized training programs designed to meet any and all challenges.

We have experience quickly identifying and appropriately resolving any number of threats

In addition, all our team members are required to maintain certain clearances and certifications, including but not limited to:

  • PA ACT 235 Lethal Weapon Certified
  • Executive Protection Certified along with mandated continuing education requirements
  • PA State and Federal Criminal History checks
  • Baton/Pepper Spray/Taser Certified
  • Tactical Training
  • Red Cross First Aid, AED, and CPR Certified